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High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial

High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial

  • High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial
  • High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial
  • High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial
  • High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial
  • High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial
High efficiency CNC V-Grooving Machine / sheet metal Notching Machine for Decoration industrial
Product Details:
Place of Origin: wuxi,China
Brand Name: CMC
Model Number: KCA4000ED
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Metal pallet
Delivery Time: 50-60 days
Payment Terms: Ex works/ FOB SHANGHAI/ CIF
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

sheet metal grooving machine


sheet metal notching machine

KCA4000ED CNC V-Grooving Machine for Elevator decoration industry





Hydraulic CNC V-Grooving Machine Specifications



Items Model:KCA4000ED
Cutting length 4000mm
Cutting width 1250mm / 1550mm
Sheet thickness 4mm
Cutting speed 0-60m/min
Max. working efficiency, base on 4m plate 5.5 cutting slot/min
X Dolly return speed 60m/min
Y axis moving speed 20 m/min
Z axis moving speed 20 m/min
X axis control AC frequency speed driver control, Brand Delta
Y,Z axis control Servo driver control, Brand Delta
Linear guide and ball screw Taiwan HIWIN
Bearing Brand SKF
X axis motor power 3.7KW
Y/Y1/Z axis motor power 1/ 1 /1 KW
Oil pump 4KW
CNC Control system Siemens PLC
Main Cable and Cable drag chain Main Cable : Germany IGUS
Machine dimension 6200x2350x1550 / 6300x2660x1700
Machine weight 8.1 TON / 9.5TON





Quick Detail:


Name Other name Brand Name CMC
V-grooving machine

Elevator decoration assistant machine;

Pre-bending machine;

V-groover; Slotting; Grooving machine;

Feature Processed Sheet is fixed on the machine table, no movement, high speed, high accuracy High efficiency
Cutting capacity

4000mm in length

1220mm /1550mm in width

0.6-4mm in thickness

Usage Industrial

Elevator decoration industry ,

Decoration industrial,



Hydraulic CNC V-Grooving Machine Description:


> Cutting length:4000mm

> Cutting width:1250mm /1550mm

> Sheet thickness:4mm

> Cutting speed: 0-60m/min

> X axis motor power:3.7KW

> Y/Y1/Z axis motor power:1/ 1 /1 KW

> Oil pump:4KW

> Machine dimension:6200x2350x1550  / 6300x2660x1700

> Machine weight:8.1TON  /9.5TON

> Customers personalized custom





1. A. How to let the bending angle more sharply, more becautiful

2. B. How to improve the workpiece’s accuracy

3. C. How to reduce the bending chamfer

4. Location
A. For all elevator decoration like Car, ceiling , floor, elevator glass door , elevator

handrails etc.subsequent processing.

B. Suitable for factories, hospitals, shopping malls, home and other types of elevator renovation and decoration

C. Can also be used for special pattern Plate processing

5. Note:

The products are widely used in a variety of metal materials processing in the elevator decoration industry. It meets people’s higher and higher requirement for decoration.






1. The old design V grooving machine, the metal sheet is fixed by moving type clamp, and the clamp and sheet moving on the table together, so, In the process, the table and the sheet have the relative motion, so that the work table is easy to scratch the back surface of sheet. And Our design V grooving machine has the biggest advantage is no relative movement between the table and sheet during process, so there won't be due to friction surface with the working table and scratched surface conditions. Especially in stainless steel decoration mirror panel.

2. The traditional machine when finished one slot and moved to next slot cutting, the press foot will opens, and the steel scurf is easy to under the foot, when foot press again. It will leave mark on the sheet surface, resulting in demands for high mirror surface decoration sheet and leave a defect or scrapped. Our design machine clamping structure determined without this problem

3. The traditional V grooving machine by using pressure foot presses the sheet which location is next to each slot, after cutting, the operating person must be keeping sweep to prevent steel scurf go under the foot. In addition, because the clamp feet are fixed on the upper beam, this design makes the pressure foot intermediate space is not easy to remove the steel scurf. Our design is different ,This machine has lateral foot and sheet top movable clamper, under normal condition, the whole piece of sheet metal machining process, without cleaning the steel scurf, only need the whole piece of sheet metal, processing is completed then cleaning . Greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.Because the design of large plane, is also very easy to steel scurf removal.

4. Big table, lateral foot and sheet top movable clamper design made this machine has fast cutting speed. When finished cutting one slot, the cutting blade returns back, meanwhile the cutting blade moves to next slot position, So, the The machining efficiency is much higher then The traditional one.

5. Using the whole table frame structure, the moving gantry type cutting blade holding frame is welded structure as the framework, tempering after welding, ensures that the overall good rigidity, no deformation for future use.

6. Working way, the table structure and steel sheet is fixed , gantry type cutting blade holding frame moving is for cutting V grooving. The cutting speed is AC frequency speed adjustable. The cutting process is stable and high efficiency, good cutting surface quality

7. CNC system, From Taiwan Yitu company , Modle: HUST-CNC-H6DKL,stable and reliable. Using special software, Chinese or English operation menu, can fully meet the various requirements of V grooving processing. The size of input processing, real-time display, convenient processing, error will automatically alarm.

8. Transmission parts, With X axis, Y1 axis, Y2 axis, Z axis total 4 control axis, high positioning accuracy, where Y1, Y2 by NC system to keep always in sync. X axis adopts frequency conversion motor drive. The ball screw and Liner guider are from Taiwan HIWIN brand. It is high precision type. Helical gear rack drive, the voice of small, high precision.

9. Sheet clamp Unit: With lateral foot and sheet top movable clamper, hydraulic type. In order to get enough pressing force and different force for different sheet material, it has hydraulic pressure adjustable system.

10. high efficiency Cutting: By three the alloy knife and processing, thus cutting distribution uniformity, reduce the deformation of machining parts, prolong the life of cutting tools, reduce the production cost; can choose different V grooving speed according to the different work piece; For general stainless steel sheet, the use of the alloy knife head for South Korea brand, long service life, wear resistance, high quality knife. Use square blade insert, a blade with eight cutting angle, the replacement is convenient and quick, can greatly shorten the time for changing cutters, and ensure the accuracy

11. Equipped with a gas-liquid mixing cooling device, in the process, cooling the cutting blade insert, improve the service life of the blade.


Competitive Advantage:



Why to choose horizontal type worktable?


1. Essential upscale decorative elevator machine

2.The worktable is the newest model, and originally designed by South Korea.
3. During the cutting, the sheet is fixed by the clamp, no movement. Therefore there will be no scratch on the surface of sheet.
4. Higher speed and higher accuracy.


Communication with customers


A: This machine will scratch the surface of it when V-grooving mirror stainless steel?

B:Absolutely not, our special design ensures a scrap metal does not scratch the surface. We also recommend that customers do before V-grooving machined surface of the protective film tear.


A: Hello, Can you help me ? what is the purpose for this machine?

B: This machine is for the pre-process of bending and cutting. After cutting groove on the sheet, after bending, the bending angle will be very sharp, more beautiful, it can meet higher and higher requirement of decoration industrial. However, a straight line can be processed decorative.


A.How easy to operating this machine ?

B:Friendly HMI can easy to operate this machine.if you first use our machine we will send engineer to commissioning machine and give training.also you can telephone us 24 hours*365days.


A: what is the material of blade?

Our is alloy steel blade, imported from South Korea. One blade can be used from 8 sides.


A: How long is your quality guarantee period

B:One year. And when the machine arrives at customer workshop, we will send engineer to commissioning machine and give training. But also, the client can let their engineer to our workshop to study before delivery.



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